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I am Marcello La Rosa, an Associate Professor in Business Process Management (BPM) with the BPM Discipline of the Information Systems School, Science & Engineering Faculty, at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. This site provides an account of my research, teaching and corporate training activities, besides some good pictures (I hope) of Australia.


In my position of Academic Director for corporate engagements for my school, I manage QUT's offering of professional training and consultancy services on Information Systems, with a focus on BPM (see BPMTraining). I am also a Researcher with NICTA and a Liechtenstein IS Research Fellow with the Hilti Chair of BPM at the University of Liechtenstein.


My research interests span different BPM topics, with a focus on process consolidation, mining, configuration and automation. The results of my research appeared in major journals and conferences in my field (e.g. TOSEM, IS, FACS, BPM, FASE, ER, CAiSE). I am the co-author of "Fundamentals of Business Process Management", the first comprehensive textbook on BPM, published by Springer in 2013. My research is also showcased on BPMCenter, a collaborative virtual research center on BPM funded by QUT and the Technical University of Eindhoven, which I co-manage, and on QUT ePrints, a public catalogue of scientific research papers.


I lead the Apromore initiative - a strategic research collaboration between various universities and one large industry partner, for the development of an advanced process model repository. I'm also the coordinator of the Process Configuration website, which collects research efforts on the management of variability in process-aware information systems. Finally, I'm involved in the design of YAWL, one of the most-mature community-based open-source BPM systems.


I teach process modeling to undergraduate and postgraduate students in my university. I also provide corporate training courses to managers, analysts and soution architects in the area of BPM here in Australia.



  • 5/09/14: a paper of mine accepted in Formal Aspects of Computing
  • 25/05/14: a paper of mine has been accepted at BPM 2014
  • 20/05/14: I talked about the role of Data Scientist at a keynote panel at the Gartner BPM Summit in Sydney
  • 6-7/05/14: I delivered the first professional training course offshore (in Rome): it was a course on Strategic BPM
  • 21/03/14: a paper of mine has been accepted at Petri Nets 2014
  • 19/02/14: a paper of mine has been accepted at CAiSE 2014
  • Dec 2013: I run a 2-week introductory course on process modeling at the University of Calabria, Italy
  • 30/10/13: I talked about BPM and process mining for the launch of the 4th edition of the Executive Master in IT Governance and Management (EMIT) at the LUISS Business School, Italy
  • 27/09/13: I interviewed Donna Stewart, Executive Manager, Suncorp Commercial Claims Services, about their process mining project with QUT [watch the interview]
  • 28/08/13: my paper Slice, Mine, Dice: Complexity-Aware Automated Discovery of Business Process Models has been awarded the best-paper award at BPM13.
  • 24/08/13: this video shows a preview of the integration Apromore-Quaestio to support configuration of C-BPMN models using questionnaires
  • 15/08/13: a survey on risk-aware BPM that I co-authored has been accepted in Communications of the Association for Information Systems
  • 3/08/13: a paper of mine on automatically generating process model names has been accepted in Information Systems
  • 10/07/13: a paper of mine on risk-aware business process identification has been accepted in Journal of Systems and Software
  • 21/05/13: my paper Configurable Workflow Models is the 2nd-most cited paper of all times in IJCIS
  • 16/05/13: a paper of mine on automated discovery of process model collections with controlled complexity has been accepted at BPM 2013
  • 15/05/13: a paper of mine on improving process models from event logs has been accepted in the SIMPDA 2012 post-proceedings
  • 14/05/13: presented my textbook at the Gartner BPM Summit 2013 in Sydney
  • 30/04/13: a paper of mine on process monitoring using sensors has been accepted at the YAWL Symposium 2013
  • 16/04/13: a paper of mine on a software framework for risk-aware BPM has been accepted at CAiSE Forum 2013
  • 01/03/13: Fundamentals of Business Process Management is finally out
  • 18/02/13: a paper of mine on decision support for preventing process risks has been accepted at CAiSE 2013


Personal notes

I like playing classical guitar, taking photos (you can appreciate some in this site), going surfing (although I'm not very good) and diving (I'm Advanced Open Water). As per music tastes, you can throw in everything that sounds like blues, folk and rock from the old seventies (Led Zeppelin to name one).


Assoc. Professor Marcello La Rosa
IS School Academic Director
(corporate engagements)
BPM Discipline, IS School
Science & Engineering Faculty
Queensland University of Technology

Principal Researcher, NICTA
IS Research Fellow, Uni Liechtenstein

GPO Box 2434,
Brisbane QLD 4001, Australia
m.larosa AT qut.edu.au
tel. +61 (0)7 3138 9482

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